Community Improvement Grant

The LPCA offers a grant program for projects that benefit the community. If you have an idea for a project, fill out the mini-grant application (link below) and submit it to

LPCA Community Improvement Grant Program Overview
2022 LPCA Community Improvement Grant Application

• LPCA Community Improvement Grants are intended to support Locust Point residents of all ages who have an interest in beautifying or enhancing the Locust Point community.
• Successful projects will have one or more of the following characteristics:
• Make a substantial and lasting impact on the community
• Affect a number of residents and/or visitors to Locust Point
• Create new connections among members of the community

Grant Process and Requirements:
• Grant applications should be emailed to and will be reviewed by the LPCA Grant Review committee.
• The Grant Review committee will be comprised of at least five volunteer members, including one organizing chair.
• The Grant Review committee will forward recommendations to the LPCA Board of Directors for approval. Grants are subject to availability of funds.
• Newly awarded grants will be announced at the LPCA general meetings.
• The Project Coordinator must be a resident of Locust Point and agree to give a report on the project at an LPCA community meeting or through the LPCA newsletter.
• The Project Coordinator must submit receipts for project expenses and will be reimbursed by the LPCA.
• All LPCA grant funds must be spent in the manner described in the application. Grant funds may not be used for the purchase of alcohol.
• Events supported by grant funds must be open to all members of the community.
• Note: Requests for donations to charitable organizations should be directed to the LPCA Board for consideration within the Association’s annual charitable giving budget.